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Development & Building Permits

Building Permit Process

The Town of Carnduff utilizes Professional Building Inspections, Inc (PBI) as our licensed building official.  PBI ensures that all building plans adhere to local and provincial legislation and development code regulations.

What Requires a Building Permit? (Please refer to bylaw for complete listing)

Not Required
- New flooring, paint, trim or light fixtures
- New kitchen cabinets although they must meet minimum clearance requirements that are necessary between cooking appliances
- Replacing shingles or siding with like material
- Replacing windows with the same size windows

- Major renovations (new walls or complete floor makeover whereby floor plan changes)
- New buildings: residential and commercial
- New garages: attached or detached
- Replacing windows with wider windows so change to framing is required
- Moving the basement or second floor stairs to a new location
- Additions
- Change of use (was retail but now to be residential)
- Divide a bigger building into separate smaller floor areas with separate tenants
- Accessory buildings larger than 10 ft x 10 ft
- Decks

  1. Permit Applications
    • A Development permit must first be applied for (it can be done at the same time as the building permit). The development permit ensures that the use of the structure falls within proper zoning and that all required setbacks to the property lines are being adhered to. This review is done by the Town Office. This application must include two copies of a detailed site plan along with any other supporting documentation if it is a larger project.
    • Following the approval of the development permit, a Building Permit must be applied for and include all the supporting documentation required on the checklist. This application will be reviewed by PBI to ensure that all plans, etc adhere to proper regulations.
    • Note: It is necessary to ensure all documentation is submitted along with the permits in order to process the application in a timely manner. The more information provided for the plan review process the less likelihood there will be a request for more information.
  2. PBI Plan Review
    • Once the building permit application has been received by the Town/Economic Development Office, it will be submitted for review to PBI. If no additional information is required by PBI, the approval is generally provided within 48 hours.
  3. Request for Additional Information
    • If additional information is required in order to process the application, the Town/Economic Development Office will contact the applicant to have the information provided in a timely manner.
  4. PBI Approval
    • Following approval, the Town/Economic Development Office will forward the approved permit to the applicant. This approval will indicate any additional requirements of the project and specify the necessary inspections that will be required.
  5. Inspections
    • PBI will indicate what inspections are required for the project.

The building permit application fee is $1.00 per $1000.00 project costs PLUS the PBI plan review, inspection and travel costs.

For appropriate permit application visit the Permits & Licensing page under Municpal Services or click here.