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Carnduff Minor Sports (Ball, Hockey & Soccer)

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Carnduff Minor Sports is an organization that organizes select youth sports in our community including the hockey, baseball and soccer programs.
The organizations objectives include:
1.       To promote minor sports in Carnduff and surrounding areas.
2.       To promote sportsmanship, fair play, good citizenship, friendly competition, enjoyment and full participation for all team members.
3.       To develop an appreciation of the game and a respect for its rules among players, parents, coaches, referees and other interested parties.
The foundation for our organization is governed by our constitution.  It is available here for review:

Carnduff Minor Ball Program

This program is extensive with teams for both girls and boys from age 3-18.  All of Carnduff's teams play in a variety of leagues with surrounding towns.  

Carnduff Minor Hockey

Carnduff Minor Hockey is a thriving and busy part of our community.  An overwhelming amount of children between the ages of 3 and 18 utilize the minor hockey program every winter in order to build and maintain friendships, sportsmanship, leadership qualities, and an athletic lifestyle. 

Carnduff Minor Soccer

Carnduff Soccer is a relatively new program to Carnduff.  It is played in the fall throughout the month of September.  The program includes instruction and then scrimmage games.


For more information, please feel free to contact the President, Vice-President, Treasurer or Secretary
President - Blair Beck; Cell 306.482.8344
Vice-President - Randy Spencer; Cell 306.339.7339
Treasurer - Crystal Wilson; Cell 306.482.7567
Secretary - Kelly Swayze; Cell 306.482.8194

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