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Mayor Ross Apperley

I have served at the pleasure of the residents of Carnduff for the past 22 years and now entering my third term as Mayor.  I'm proud of our accomplishments and look forward to our future. In the coming months we will see the building of a new $8.5 million lagoon with new pumping infrastructure. This project we are proud to have partnered with the Federal and Provincial Governments.

Carnduff has also been very fortunate to receive a Canada 150 Celebration grant which enables us to complete a one million dollar up grade of the Fast Centennial Arena.  As you can see Carnduff will be very busy in the coming months.

I'm married to my wife, Linda and we have two adult girls Rachelle and Kiana.  We enjoy traveling with our girls when they are able.  When I can, I enjoy building various wood projects in my shop.  I look forward to meeting each of you perhaps while enjoying our "walk to remember" walking path.

Contact information:
Home: 306.482.5288
Cell: 306.482.7775

Deputy Mayor Roy Annetts

Following my graduation from Carnduff High School, I attended college in Brandon and received a diploma in Farm Machinery Mechanics. I then worked as a mechanic at a farm dealership where I received my journeyman tickets as an Agriculture Mechanic and Heavy Duty Mechanic. In 1998, we moved back to Carnduff. I am employed at Fast Trucking as a mechanic and we also farm.

My wife, Michelle and I have two girls, Janae and Danielle. I really enjoy being part of the community of Carnduff where the people are tremendous and the opportunities are many. I am presently involved with curling, help coach the girls minor softball team and I am a member of the Carnduff Legion.

I was elected to council in 2003 and am happily involved in many aspects of the community. It is such a pleasure to be on town council and I  am proud to see the improvements around town, to see the growth of businesses and to see new families move into the community. I really enjoy working with the people in the community. I am always available to discuss concerns and interests about the Carnduff community. I am good listener and will strife to address your points.

Contact information:
Work: 306.482.3921
Home: 306.482.3821
Cell: 306.482.7762

Councilor Kevin Lesy

Councilor Joel Purves

Councilor Kris Carley

I was born and raised in Carnduff, and I’ve lived almost my entire life in the community. I am married to my wife Gayla, and we have two very active boys, Keagan and Kieran. I am the Vice President of C&N Oilfield and C&N Supply, and I’ve been employed with them since 2002. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf in the summer, and I coach and officiate hockey in the winter. I have been a member of the Carnduff Fire Department since 2002, and Deputy Chief since 2011. In 2014, I was appointed EMO Coordinator for the Town of Carnduff and the RM of Mount Pleasant #2.

I was elected to council in the fall of 2016. I’ve always felt very strongly about local government, and I felt that it was time to finally run for council and serve my community even more. I look forward to working with the very diverse group of elected officials that we have on council.

While on council, my goals are to work on long term planning for our aging infrastructure, help to control spending, maintain our wonderful facilities, promote open communication between council and our residents, and promote growth and development within our community. I love the Town of Carnduff, and I will do everything that I can to promote and strengthen our community.

Over the next four years, and possibly beyond, I look forward to working with our residents and businesses. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that may arise.

Contact Information:
Home: 306.482.3127
Cell: 306.483.8922
Work: 306.482.5105

Councilor Greg Wall

Councilor Verdeen Matthewson

Committees of Council

The committees for the Town of Carnduff will be responsible for all areas that fall under the jurisdiction of each established committee. Each committee that has three or more designated members will be responsible to select a chairperson for each of their meetings. Meetings held with minutes turned in to the Town Office are recorded for procedure & indemnity payment. Committees that potentially overlap shall meet together on these issues. Each committee will be responsible to remain with their annual approved budget.

General Matters Committee -- Ross Apperley, Roy Annetts, Kris Carley & Greg Wall

Finance – Roy Annetts, Kris Carley & Greg Wall

Water/Sewer Services – ALL members of Council

Streets, Drainage, Sidewalks & Curbing -- Roy Annetts, Kris Carley, Kevin Lesy & Greg Wall

Health, Fire, Policing --

  • Borderline Housing – Kevin Lesy, alternate Verdeen Matthewson
  • Sun Country – Kevin Lesy
  • EMO, Fire & RCMP – Kris Carley & Greg Wall
  • Gainsborough Trust – Kevin Lesy
  • Medical Clinic -- Ross Apperley, Greg Wal
  • S.E. Health Coalition -- Ross Apperley, Verdeen Matthewson

Staffing – Kevin Lesy, Greg Wall, Joel Purves & Kris Carley

Cemetery – Ross Apperley

Recreation Board – Roy Annetts & Joel Purves

  • Centennial Arena – Roy Annetts
  • Curling Rink – Roy Annetts
  • Ball Facility – Joel Purves
  • Swimming Pool – Joel Purves
  • Golf Course – Kris Carley

Library – Verdeen Matthewson & Kevin Lesy

Daycare – Verdeen Matthewson & Ross Apperley

Dean Fraser Community Centre – Joel Purves & Ross Apperley

OH&S -- Kris Carley & Greg Wall

SUMA -- Kris Carley & Verdeen Matthewson

Millenium Estates – Joel Purves & Kevin Lesy

The MAYOR and DEPUTY MAYOR are members of all Committees.

Council Meetings

The Council of the Town of Carnduff shall meet a minimum once per month on a regular basis.  The Council will meet regularily on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers at the Town Office.  If the regular scheduled meeting follows a weekend with a statutory holiday, the administration office has the authority to move the council meeting to the Thursday prior, pending Council’s approval.

A second monthly meeting, if required, shall occur on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers at the Town Office.  If this meeting has been deemed unnecessary by the mayor and administration office, all council members shall be notified four days prior to the cancelled meeting date.  
If an individual wishes to be a delegate or have a specific topic added to the agenda at a council meeting, the following steps must be followed.  Council Meeting Correspondence/Delegation Policy