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Municipal Services

Street Maintenance

Street Sweeping

Each spring, usually around late April, the Town commences street sweeping operations. Once the town streets have been completed the first time, a weekly schedule will be adhered to. Weekly sweeping of Broadway Avenue and Railway Avenue will be completed and then attention will be directed towards the remaining avenues and streets.

The Town would kindly request your co-operation to ensure vehicles are not parked on the street for extended periods of time. This is a common problem for the public works personnel and does create some hardship to complete a proper cleaning of the streets. If you happen to notice street sweeping operations taking place, kindly have your vehicle moved so a proper and complete job may be done.

During spring run-off and heavy rains during the summer season, storm sewer catch basins may become plugged with grass clippings, small tree branches and other debris. If you notice a catch basin has become plugged and the water is not getting away, please contact the Town Office

PLEASE remember, when possible, NOT TO ALLOW grass cuttings to be discarded or directed onto the streets as this will help keep streets and catch basins clean.

Snow Removal

Generally, snow removal from streets will commence with Broadway Street, Railway Avenue and streets leading to emergency services buildings. Once these streets are cleared, the remaining side streets will be cleared as necessary. It is the Town's intention to have the streets cleared within 24 - 36 hours after a major snowfall.

Snow removal operations are intended to go smoothly and without major incident. However from time to time, heavy snowfall amounts do create an excessive load on the snow removal personnel and equipment as clearing streets brings about the problem of blocked driveways and lanes. The Council kindly requests your understanding that, at times, this cannot be avoided. The Public Works operators will do their utmost to clean driveways immediately after making an initial pass on the street. Again - your understanding is appreciated.

Parked vehicles create a nuisance during snow removal. Remember - if your vehicle is parked on the street, it becomes a dangerous obstacle for operators to maneuver around and, most times, becomes blocked in by the snow. Please ensure your vehicle does not remain on streets for extended periods of time.

The Town also receives complaints regarding individuals removing snow from alleys and driveways and depositing it on municipal boulevards or neighboring properties. Any snow removed from private driveways should be deposited on the property the snow originates from and not municipal boulevards or neighboring properties. This creates a nuisance for the Town in its snow removal efforts as well as causes problems with neighbors.