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Property Taxes


The first step in calculating your property tax is knowing and understanding your assessment.   The value that your property is assessed at is determined by SAMA (Saskatchewan Asset Management Agency).  To learn more about what an assessment notice is and how to read one, please click here.

Assessment Notices are only sent to property owners when they have purchased land, built or renovated a structure, or demolished a building.  To view the assessment of your property simply visit, click map search and you can search for your property.


Property Taxes

Property Taxes are generally levied in the Town of Carnduff in the month of May.

How do you calculate your taxes? The calculation to figure our the MUNICIPAL PORTION of your taxes is as follows:

((Assessment x Mill Rate) x Mill Rate Factor) + base tax = property taxes
For 2021, the mill rate information that is required is as follows:
2021 Municipal Mill Rate is 8.6
2021 Municipal Mill Rate Factor for Residential is 1
2021 Municipal Mill Rate Factor for Commercial is 1
2021 Base Tax for Residential Land & Improvements is $967.00
2021 Base Tax for Commercial Land & Improvements is $967.00
2020 School Mill Rate for Residential is 4.46 (set by the Provincial Government)
2020 School Mill Rate for Commercial is 6.75 (set by the Provincial Government)
Residential Example:
Sally Sue's Assessment for her property is 163,400.
Municipal Levy:
((163,400/1,000 x 8.6) x 1) +$967.00 = $2,372.24
School Levy:
((163,400/1,000) x 4.46) = $728.76
Total 2021 Taxes for Sally Sue's property is ($2,372.24 + $728.76) $3,101.00.
Commercial Example:
XYZ Construction Assessment for their property is 163,400.
Municipal Levy:
((163,400/1,000 x 8.6) x 1) + $967.00 = $2,372.24
School Levy:
(163,400/1,000 x 6.75) = $1,102.95
Total 2021 Property Taxes for XYZ Construction is ($2,372.24 + $1,102.95) $3,475.19.

Discount Period

2021 property taxes will receive a discount on the municpal portion of taxes if paid as follows:

Paid by May 31st -- 6%

Paid by June 30th -- 6%

Paid by July 31st -- 5%

Paid by August 31st -- 4%