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We Need Your Help!

Sep 02, 2022

Please use water…a statement you will rarely hear from us!  We are asking for assistance from the public throughout the month of September.  As you are well aware, we are in the process of installing a new bio-filtration system at our water plant, replacing our aging green sand filtration.  This system cannot be brought online until all “seeding” has been completed.  In order to seed the filters, there has to be constant movement of water through the system.  The way the filters are fed from the well, we are required to process a substantial amount of water through our existing system.  This means we have too much water for our required usage.  Throughout the month of September, in order to assist with this process, we are asking residents to use as much water as possible and we will only charge you for basic water and sewer usage for the month.  That’s right, please use as much water as you can this month and you will only be billed the basic rate.  We thank you in advance for your assistance with this.  Please note this is only for the month of September & for Town of Carnduff residents ONLY!

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